Top Locations in Sarasota for Your Next Photoshoot: Beaches, Parks, and More!

May 24, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

As a photographer, finding the perfect location for a photoshoot can be a crucial element in capturing beautiful moments. Luckily, Sarasota has a variety of picturesque spots that can make for stunning photo backdrops. Here are some top locations in Sarasota for photo shoots and what makes them unique.

South Lido Beach is a perfect location for families with little ones. With plenty of parking available, this beach offers a mix of greenery and ocean views, making it an ideal spot for capturing both nature and beach photos. Plus, if your kids need some extra motivation during the shoot, there's a playground nearby that you can use as a bribe. After the session, take a short drive to St Armand’s Circle, where you can enjoy a sweet treat or dinner.

For a more woodland-like setting, Red Bug Slough is an excellent option. The front of the park offers beautiful lighting and trees, and the back has a forest-like scenery that leads to a stunning lake with a boardwalk. This location offers multiple opportunities for capturing great photos, and it's close to the car, so you can quickly change outfits or restock on supplies.

Celery Fields is another fantastic location for photoshoots in Sarasota. The beautiful garden at the bottom of the hill is perfect for portrait shots, and the hilltop offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape during golden hour, sunset, and blue hour. There's also plenty of room to change outfits or take a break before heading up the hill.

Bay Conservatory Park is an excellent option for those who want a variety of settings within one location. There's a beautiful white fence at the entrance, followed by a walkway full of plants and trees that lead to a bride looking out into the bay. This location offers waterfront views and beautiful scenery for both full and mini sessions. It's also an excellent spot for families with kids, as there's a play area available.

Bayfront Park is another must-visit location for photoshoots in Sarasota. The bay's picturesque views make it a popular spot for capturing the perfect sunset shot. The park also offers a variety of backdrops, including boats, greenery, and colorful skies that reflect on the water. After the photoshoot, grab a bite to eat at the Tiki restaurant, which offers a great view of the bay.

Overlook Park is another hidden gem in Sarasota that is perfect for photoshoots. With multiple sections to choose from, you can capture a variety of shots in this less crowded area. The area under the bridge is especially picturesque, with big birds and a second beach offering a different perspective.

Rothenbach Park is another stunning location for photoshoots in Sarasota. With beautiful greenery and grass-lined hills, this location offers a variety of backdrops. Plus, with a playground and bathroom nearby, it's an excellent option for families with little ones.

Finally, Urfer Park is a popular location among families in Sarasota. With plenty of walking paths and wooden fences, there are numerous opportunities for different green backdrops. Plus, with plenty of space for outfit changes, it's an excellent option for those looking to capture a variety of shots.

In conclusion, Sarasota offers a variety of locations that are perfect for capturing beautiful family moments. From beachside settings to forest-like scenery and everything in between, there's something for everyone. By considering these locations and their unique characteristics, you can choose the perfect spot for your next photoshoot.


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